We’re proud to say that Jingle Belgrade was the biggest and the greatest CS event in Belgrade ever!

Duration: 5 days and 5 nights (109 hours)

Events: 13 (7 daily jinglings + 6 nightly minglings)

Attendees: way more than 100, from at least 36 countries

The most popular event: New Year’s Jingle Jangle Party! (90 people)
Jingle Jangle Jungle :P

Photos: click on them to see full size :-)


We want to see your photos, too! :-) So please upload them here!

And write your impressions below :-)

Hugs to everyone!

Jingle Belgrade = success!

Today is a sunny day in Belgrade – not only because of meteorology, but also because you guys have made our hearts shine. Jingle Belgrade has surpassed our wildest expectations, with surfers from more than 30 countries attending our 13 events through 5 days of 2013 and 2014. The amount of fun, love, and positive vibes that we shared has left us with an ambition to make a similar, or even bigger, event in the future!

It was the first time that we’ve ever made something this big; we’ve had pleasant town walks, a crazy outdoor barbecue on 29 December, a karaoke mayhem, visits to awesome museums,… The New Year’s Jingle Jangle party had some 90 surfers dance the night into 2014 with smiles and love all around. We gave away some hugs for a happy year to Belgraders, and we jingled off with a wild kafana party last night. In short, we’ve made Belgrade shine and smile, and it’s all thanks to you! The Victor statue from our logo belongs to the victory of all of us!

Special hugs go to crazy surfers (including but not limited to) Hamid from Norway, Andre from Germany, Vedran from Croatia, Tanya from Spain, the Užice crew, the Gdańsk crew,… and the rest of you who put your massive energy into making JB even more amazing. Guests like you are a jingly jewel in our crown!

Big shoutout goes to Igor, Dijana, Diane, Džoni, and everybody else who lent their helping hand when we needed one. You are awesome!

We will post more summary, photos and videos soon. Stay tuned ^^

Hugs and love from your jingly team: artu, Milan, Ivana, Duško and Matija.

Dress well for the BBQ ^^

Even though it will be a nice and warm day and we will be kept warm by the wine and our camaraderie, we will still be in the nature and it might be chilly in the evening, so don’t forget to dress well!

Also, don’t forget to do all your shopping – food and drinks – beforehand because there are no shops near the bbq area!

See ya at the grill! :-)

Zemun Flea market confirmed, River cruise cancelled

Since the weather forecast for the weekend is excellent, we’ll definitely be going to Zemun Flea market!

Due to complications at the river cruise company, the River cruise event is sadly cancelled.
Instead we’ll probably visit the New Year’s Fair, going there straight from the Belgrade city walk event.

Karaoke song list

Hey guys, here is a list of songs so you can get ready to show us your amazing vocal talents :D


These are the MP3 ones, the good ones.

There is a lot more in .midi and .kar formats, both in English and other languages (Spanish, Italian, French…) but this will do for a start.

Also, if you have some songs in your language you would like to sing, or just something we don’t have, feel free to bring them with you on a USB drive.

If you have a question about the list or a wish let us know on the events pages:

Rock on!  :-)

Finding your way around Jingle Belgrade

Belgrade can sometimes be a bit confusing because Serbian language uses both Cyrillic and Latin alphabet, and also we used to change the street names around Belgrade quite often.

For example, Dečanska Street used to be called… all of those ^^

But have no fear! Because Jingle Belgrade will equip you with a very detailed, downloadable .pdf guide containing the When, Where and What for every single event, and also with printed programs that will have all this info in a concise form, plus the phone numbers of the organizers. There will be accurate online maps with explanations how to come to each event, and a big online map with all the meeting points, so you’ll never get lost!

We will also have this sign everywhere we go ^^

If all else fails, remember that most Belgraders do speak English, and will be very happy to help you out. It’s not uncommon that a person you ask for directions would leave everything they’re doing just to walk 10 minutes with you to show you the way, or that they phone a couple of friends just to make sure you’ll find your destination without a hitch.

So, it will be very easy! Remember, keep smiling and enjoy the New Year’s in Belgrade! :-)

Let’s jingle away!  :-)